amateur stand-up comedy competition

Who Is An Amateur?


Anyone who has not competed on the regional or national level or been seen on TV 

The Punchline Amateur Comedy Competition is designed for "up and coming" comedians who will be competing for the grand prizes of $1,000.

The registration fee is $25 and is non-refundable.  Registration fee must be $Cashapped to $Heartline4ent.   On the "For" line put your first and last name.  Once we receive your registration form and fee we will text you your preliminary round place and time. Registration will stay open until all preliminary spots are full.

Registration Form


November ___, 2020


6:00 PM

Tickets: $10


Preliminary rounds will be divided into four shows featuring eight comedians per show doing two-minutes of material.   Each show will consist of two rounds and the final two standing will advance to the Semi-Finals.  The Preliminary rounds will be judged by the audience.  So bring your supporters to help you advance!  The more laughs you get, the better your chances to advance.

The Semi-Finals will be divided into two shows featuring the top eight winners from the preliminary rounds doing three minutes of material.   Each show will consist of two rounds and the last comic standing from each round will advance to the Finals.  The Semi Finals will be judged by both the crowd AND guest judges.


The Finals - where every comedian wants to be.  One show - 4 finalist - 2 rounds - this is for all the marbles! Our panel of judges will decide who our champion is.  

Comedians will be given the light at the end of their allotted time.  If a comedian goes over their time, they will be penalized 1-point for every 5-seconds over.



Comedians are JUDGED on a scale from 1-5 in three categories: stage presence, originality, and audience reaction. The scores from all three categories are added together for a total score from each judge. All Judges scores are then added together and averaged to find a comedians final score.

preliminary rounds tbd

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